Broken wings !

The voice of Jesus !

Dear Diary,

Today is the day of realisation.Realisation of the presence of a person’s soul or the spiritual voice.

Last night,I heard a voice from inside of me or might be it was the god’s voice which came on my mind to teach the meaning of life and after giving me the lesson,the voice disappeared. I felt closer when I listened to that voice as if I was talking to my own soul or listening to my own heartbeat. At that time, I was thinking deep about my pain and my scars what life gave me and I was also thinking of the future that what will happen next, what if I would not get what I want and many more similar thoughts were boggling  in my mind at the same time, but then I came across to that spiritual voice. I was thinking, if it was a dream or I really met somebody whose voice, whose words, whose thoughts gave the meaning to how to live a happy life. The thing that voice told me was “Don’t go beyond the person,if you like what someone says,then follow his/her thoughts,but do not follow that person. That person is merely an object to tell you the meaning what your inner soul was longing for, actually, it’s your own inner voice which you were not following earlier but then some mediator has to be there to tell you what you were lagging behind. A person should always be like water and water don’t have scars, when you hit the water, it forms ripples but then it again goes on flowing and flowing. Water becomes ice when you freeze it and changes its shape, likewise, your mind also freezes, but you should let your mind melt as faster as the ice melts because if it would not melt then someone would crush it and mould you in their own way. And if someone affects you so much that you lose your patience or your happiness then get evaporated, like the water evaporates,  go higher and make your own cloud but then fall down to cool the world as rain does.”

Hearing these words I got a lesson from that spiritual voice to understand my life. A lesson which everyone was trying to teach me since long time. But I was moving towards the pessimism and was going deeper into the world of depression, thinking of the future that what will happen if I couldn’t do this work. I wasted my so much of energy thinking of what will happen further and was not living the present and the happiness what is meant to be lived to the fullest…Thinking of the past and thinking of the future made me feel so insecured about myself that I forgot what I am gaining..instead I was searching for more happiness and was losing everything into that dark world.. So much chaos I had created in my mind that it was really hard to forget but the voice told me to forgive and forget what someone did to you and what you have suffered. We should never go beyond the person because that person is merely an illusion, instead we should go beyond the words and that too the words which gives you positive perspection of life.

That voice opened my eyes and gave a new meaning to my life.. Although, that was a short interaction but that made my life long, made my heart wide, and made my thoughts broad. This interaction with the spiritual voice became an important chapter in the book of my life. And I am glad that I came across that voice which I will call as “The voice of Jesus.”

{PS}Prachi Kumari 

(Following the words of the spiritual voice)

I Love The Art to Love

To be very honest,

I must say,that 

I love you,

I love me,

I love your love for me,

I love my love for you,

I love our love for each other.

Oh,there is so much love..

Isn’t it, that loving someone is an art ? 

Yes,there is an art in loving someone..
Actually ,for me

Love itself is an art;

Falling in love is an art,

 Feeling the love is an art,

Making love is an art,

Mating in love is an art,

Presenting the love is an art,

Fulfilling the love is an art,

Willing to love is an art,

Forgetting the love is an art,

Finding love in someone’s eyes is an art,

Crying in love and crying out of love is also an art,

To pen down the verses of love is an art,

To make the love,an art,is itself an art.

The world is full of love and the world is full of art.

And I am an artist,i love the art to love..

-Prachi Kumari

औरत है तू !

​औरत है तू! 

कुछ कहते हैं,तेरी क्या औकात है ।

कुछ कहते हैं,तेरी बस की ना ये बात है ।
कुछ कहते हैं,इतना पढ़ कर ना मिलता कुछ है ।

ब्याह के बाद चूल्हे-चौके की ही पूछ है ।

कदम आगे बढ़ाओ तो रोकने को सौ तैयार हैं ।

उड़ना चाहुँ तो पर काटने को लोग बेश़ुमार हैं ।

कैसे बताऊँ उन्हें कि सपने हमारे भी हज़ार हैं ।

औरत हुँ तो क्या,हमें भी ज़िंदगी जीने का अध़िकार है ।


सीखा था बचपन में हमने,चलो शीष ऊँची कर के ।

सीखाया क्यों नहीं उन्हें,नज़रें अपनी नीचीं करने ।

कपड़े हो छोटे या तन ढके हो हमारे बुरख़े में । 

तार तार करती हमें,ऐसी उनकी पैनी नज़रें ।

भूल गए वो लोग,दिया है उन्हें एक औरत ने जन्म ।

क्या सुकूऩ मिला,कर के उन्हें इतने बुरे कर्म ।

ज़मीर ना काँपी उनकी,छीन कर एक औरत की लाज ।

शौक से घ़ुम रहे दरिंदे,पहन कर बेशर्मी का ताज।

छिन गई गरिमा उस बेबस औरत की ।

बस कुछ सपने साकार करने को घर से निकली थी ।

ये गलती उसकी थी,कि जन्मी वो बेटी थी ?

या जुर्म उसका था,जिसकी घिनौनी नज़रें थी ?

तकलीफ़े लाख़ों झेलती रही,फ़िर भी ना रुके उसके कदम ।

सपने पूरे हुए ना थे उसके,बाकी थे अभी बहुत से करम ।

मेंहदी से नहीं स्याही से रंगी थी,उसने हथेली अपनी ।

कदम कैसे रुकते उसके,जब रोक ना सकी वो कलम अपनी ।।

-प्राची कुमारी

Journey begins here….

​The journey of our love,

begins here,

The road takes not,

to the destination near;

With you,I want 

to cross many mile,

Thorns are many,

but I look into your smile;

When we cross our sight,

at a time together,

The blush in your cheeks,

says it all rather;

The feeling that came 

to you,at that time;

You skipped a beat of the heart,

that is now,mine.

Either it’s a pavement narrow 

or a mountain high,

Seems everything smooth,

like your lips smiling with shy.

Feeling of love becomes so strong,

when you look into my eyes;

Moments becomes so precious,as

the dawn before the sunrise.

-Prachi Kumari


In presence of your light,

I became a shadow.

But you enlightens my heart,

With your little flame. 

Giving such wonderful hues

To me,like the sunset;

And making my life so colourful.

Similar is you and the sun,

Like it sets but rises again

You too will go,

but you will come again.

With a new and bright morning, 

You will shine more brighter

and,then I would be visible

again,with more hues

spreading all around me !

– Prachi Kumari


I sometimes ask myself, what is happiness to me ?
Is it just to be happy, or something else to be ?

My mind says, to follow ur passion is the main key.
But my heart says, not only passion,
it is more than that what you do not see.

I think happiness is getting love from whom you love,
Or to see a pair of kissing dove.

To hold a baby and looking him smile,
Or to visit ancient places by travelling a thousand mile..

I couldn’t decide what makes me happy.
Is it cooking, eating, or being lazy ?

Getting wet in the first rain,
Or smiling back after forgetting the pain,

Or getting a tight hug from a sweet child,
Or to read my favourite book so many times.

I guess walking alone in crowd of people made me more happy,
Or more soothing is to talk endless to a close buddy.

Whatever it would be,
I guess, everything makes me happy.
I just needed to see the world through the clear glasses.
Inside me was residing my true happiness.

-Prachi Kumari


​I am lost 

in the emptiness

In the middle of the crowd

In the bright sun


I am lost 

in my loneliness  

In the dark woods 

Under the night sky
I am lost

alone,in my familiar place

but nobody

familier to me
I am lost

without any love

with no friends

whom to talk 


I am lost

in my thoughts

on my cozy bed

with my diary and pen
I am lost

in my life

with just me

and my poetry
I am lost

with the music on

listening its verses

and getting more lost…

Birth Of A Girl !

“I don’t know the feeling of giving birth ,

But I know,it’s the greatest feeling on this earth.

The pain and the sleepless night, a mother spend;                             

For the sake of her baby, she can bend.

She can bear any pain that too with a sweet smile,

For her baby she is also not afraid of the turmoil.                

Then,what was the reason, she endorsed him kill her baby girl ?

Why she didn’t protested ? She allowed him her baby,to hurl ?  

If she knew,how they kill the baby in the womb,   

She might not allowed them, to make her tomb.                                   

While killing in the womb,the baby’s body breaks into several pieces ;

Doesn’t their hands shiver and their heart seizes ?

What was her fault if she was going to born, a girl?

To be born as a girl,the reason is only that churl !

From inside, when the baby kicks her mother;        

The feelings of pain and happiness combines together.   

Then why, she let him abandon her that feeling ?

Aren’t they guilty for the life,they killing?

Men wants a mother, a sister and also a wife ;                                                       

But why they don’t want a daughter in their life.

Let her born,let her live,empower her to educate herself and succeed;

You will be proud of her one day,that she is your breed.

Give her birth; watch her sit, crawl and walk;

Her melodious voice will urge you more,to talk.

A girl can make a life in her womb;

Don’t kill her,give her birth and let her bloom !”

-Prachi Kumari

Girl,a born survivor !

For what she is born ?

To live or to survive ?
From a foetus,till she became a women old.

If she lived in her mother’s womb,then killed as an infant.

If not being killed then abandoned to die.

If not abandoned,then was neglected sometimes.

If not neglected,she was being molested by many,

sometimes in her home or sometimes by outsiders.

If she rejected one’s proposal,then got burnt by acid.

If she party and enjoys her life,then she is stripped and raped.

If she wants to study more,she is forced to marry.

If she gets married,she was abused for dowry.

Then also,if she survived,sometimes forced into marital rape.And then again beated for giving birth to a girl.

Or,if she gave birth to a boy,then kicked out of her own house.

When she is old,she again fights for her living.
Tell me,for what she is born ?

To live her life on her terms & conditions or to fight and become survivor.

I think she is born not to live,she is born to survive.

A girl is a born survivor !
-Prachi Seth